Hassell Talks

How big data can challenge - and validate - the design process

March 16, 2021

We're back for Season Two of Hassell Talks - thanks for joining us!

Once practically unthinkable, silent city centres were a feature of 2020. And to attract people back as the COVID-19 recovery picks up pace across the globe, the challenge lies in truly understanding how and why spaces work.

The solution might be staring us – city shapers and designers – in the face. Big Data.

What exactly can big data reveal to city shapers and designers that they previously never had access to? What does it tell us about human behaviour in urban places and the opportunities to create better outcomes for stakeholders? And how does it help designers prove their effectiveness of their designs?

With Big Data as a basis, designers and clients can have more informed and meaningful conversations to help generate socially, culturally and economically valuable outcomes.

Hassell's Gerard Corcoran teams up with Norion Ubechel from Place Intelligence to dig into the role of Big Data and how it can challenge and validate the design process.

This episode of Hassell Talks was produced by Prue Vincent and Jessica van Hecke

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