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Cultural chemistry on campus? It’s a strange beast of art, science and design

April 27, 2022

What does bouncing Kraftwerk’s music off the surface of the moon have to do with the future of the university campus?

Universities are paying close attention to the way interstellar music-science-arts-technology-culture experience makers bluedotfestival engage audiences in cross-disciplinary learning. But how far do they need to go on campus? 

Turns out - they need to create a 'wow' factor deeply rooted in curiosity and learning. 

Who better to debate the future of the university campus than Hassell's co-lead of Education and Science, Julian Gitsham, together with the creators of bluedot, Professor Teresa Anderson and Professor Tim O’Brien of the University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank.

In this episode we hear how to look at the benefits of designing environments around problem solving – rather than disciplines – and how good design can create and facilitate inclusive, innovative, and problem solving campuses.

Cultural chemistry on campus web page
bluedot festival
First Light Pavilion
Jodrell Bank Observatory


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