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Naturalistic Planting | Part 3: The value - and significance - of emotional connections to nature in cities

November 19, 2020

Plants in our cities are important for many reasons, like supporting urban cooling and biodiversity as well as human wellbeing and health.

But they also impact on the economies of our cities. Green cities are just as attractive to developers and investors as those who just want to stop and smell the roses.

Parts 1 and 2 looked at why we value wild, natural planting in our cities as well as the importance of scale, ecology and sustainability when creating landscapes that appear natural and organic. 

In part 3, Jon Hazelwood joins writer, garden designer and TV presenter Michael McCoy as well as Professor Nigel Dunnett, responsible for some of the UK’s most spectacular planted environments to explore the significance of our emotional connections to nature in cities. 

Hassell Talks is produced by international design studio, Hassell

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